Roberts Bank Terminal 2 is a future marine container terminal on Canada’s west coast led by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. As part of our federal mandate to protect the environment and consider local communities, we conducted a series of studies to better understand existing conditions at Roberts Bank. We established technical advisory groups to gather expert advice on the Roberts Bank ecosystem. Environmental work, including scientific field work at Roberts Bank, is ongoing and we continue to engage with communities and consult with Indigenous groups. Roberts Bank Terminal 2 will play a critical role in supporting Canadian businesses, exporters, and consumers across the country. The project will create local, well-paying jobs, and will help strengthen the Canadian economy.

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project involves the construction of a new three-berth marine container terminal in the Port of Vancouver in Delta, British Columbia. The terminal will be located in deep, subtidal waters to minimize environmental effects. The project will be funded by the financially self-sufficient port authority and private investment.

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Overall importance of Roberts Bank Terminal 2 to Canada

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Extensive and ongoing consultation part of project development

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project

What is the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project?

Why build another terminal at Roberts Bank?

What happens if we don’t build Roberts Bank Terminal 2?

Who will pay for the project?

When will the project be built?

How has the container shipping industry changed over the last decade?

Planning for the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project

Has the port authority assessed alternative options?

When will Canada run out of West Coast marine container terminal capacity?

How are you working with Indigenous groups?

A thorough, rigorous environmental assessment

Where in the environmental assessment process is the project?

What type of work was done as part of the environmental assessment?

Benefits from the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project

What economic benefits will the project bring to Canada, British Columbia, and Metro Vancouver?

Will the terminal be automated?

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