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Procurement delivery approach update

June 10, 2020

Since fall 2019, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has been engaging with contractors, developers and terminal operators to help shape the procurement schedule, contract details, and delivery approach to ensure we are choosing the best approach for building the project.

A two-staged procurement approach

After considering the feedback received, and assessing procurement objectives, the port authority has decided to move forward with a two-phased procurement approach.

First, a contractor will be selected through a design-build (DB) procurement approach to build the new landmass and marine structures needed for the project. Then, approximately three years prior to the anticipated start of terminal operations, the terminal operator will be selected to build, equip and operate the new terminal through a terminal concession (TC) procurement. This contract will include construction of the terminal infrastructure such as buildings, civil utilities, roadworks/pavement, as well as financing and operations.

We have a federal mandate to protect the environment and consider local communities, and we will work with the successful proponent to ensure this project is built in a way that upholds that mandate and aligns with our vision for the Port of Vancouver to be the world’s most sustainable port.

Design-build contractor procurement

Over the coming months, we plan to engage with design-build contractors to gather additional feedback. We anticipate releasing an RFQ for the design-build contractor in the first half of 2021. However, this will be dependent on a variety of factors such as the timing of a government decision and other environmental and regulatory permitting.

We are continuing to advance our environmental permits and procurement so that we can proceed with project delivery if the Government of Canada approves the project. With Canada’s west coast projected to run out of container capacity by the late-2020’s, Roberts Bank Terminal 2 is required to deliver needed capacity.

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Past updates

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