The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project has been undergoing a federal environmental assessment since 2013. In 2016, an independent review panel was appointed by the minister of environment and climate change to lead the assessment, under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. During the environmental assessment, we conducted four rounds of public engagement, consulted with Indigenous groups, and participated in meetings with regulators, government, stakeholders.

The review phase of the environmental assessment concluded in August 2019 with the closing of the public record following a six-week public hearing. The independent review panel evaluated what they heard and the information received throughout the environmental assessment process to develop its Federal Review Panel Report for the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project. This was submitted to the minister of environment and climate change on March 27, 2020. The minister is now reviewing the recommendations and is expected to issue a decision regarding the approval of the project in late 2020.


Project description review (2013)

  • September 2013: Project Description submitted to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA; now the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada or IAAC)
  • September 2013: Public comment period on summary of the Project Description

Determination of environmental assessment (2013-2014)

  • November 2013: Public comment period on draft Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines
  • January 2014: Final Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines issued to port authority by CEAA

Development of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (2014)

  • March 2014: Public comment period on draft Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines
  • August 2014: Draft Review Panel Terms of Reference issued

Environmental Impact Statement completeness review (2015-2016)

  • March 2015: Environmental Impact Statement submitted by port authority to CEAA
  • April 2015: Updated Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines issued to port authority by CEAA
  • April 2015: Public comment period on Environmental Impact Statement
  • October 2015: Marine Shipping Addendum and information requests submitted by port authority
  • November 2015: Public comment period on Marine Shipping Addendum
  • February 2016: Additional information requests submitted by port authority
  • April 2016: Marine Shipping Addendum information requests submitted by port authority

Independent review panel (2018-2019)

  • May 2018: Independent review panel announced
  • May 2016–February 2019: Sufficiency information requests submitted
  • December 2018: Public comment period on sufficiency of information
  • May–June 2019: Public hearing held in Delta, B.C.
  • August 2019: Public record for the environmental assessment closes, independent review panel begins work on panel report

2020 and beyond

  • March 2020: Report submitted by review panel to minister of environment and climate change
  • We are here
  • Minister of environment and climate change issues decision on the project


As part of the environmental assessment, the port authority conducted a series of reports and studies to better understand existing conditions at Roberts Bank. Additionally, technical advisory groups were established to gather expert advice on the Roberts Bank ecosystem. Details on these, as well as the environmental impact statement, can be found below

Technical data reports

Technical advisory groups

Environmental impact statement

69 Responses to Environmental Assessment

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