In March 2015, we filed an environmental impact statement for the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. An environmental impact statement is a report that provides information about a project and summarizes potential impacts and benefits of a project on the environment. It is a useful tool to describe possible methods of avoiding, reducing, and/or mitigating potential environmental impacts.

The statement summarizes the results of 77 studies undertaken over four years, with contributions from more than 100 professional scientists and more than 35,000 hours of field work. This work informed our assessment of potential environmental, economic, social, heritage and health effects, and includes proposed mitigation measures to reduce, avoid, or offset these potential effects. The environmental impact statement also describes the monitoring and follow-up program that would be undertaken to ensure mitigation measures are effective.

In response to updated guidelines provided by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency in April 2015, we submitted the marine shipping addendum, which assessed the potential effects resulting from marine shipping outside the port authority’s jurisdiction associated with the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project and within Canada’s territorial sea.

Since the submission of the environmental impact statement, we have conducted additional studies based on feedback and engagement with Indigenous groups, local communities, environmental groups, and government agencies. We have submitted over 3,000 pages of additional information, and developed a table of commitments which details the 82 project commitments the port authority will implement should the project proceed, along with any additional conditions imposed by the minister of environment and climate change. The independent review panel reviewed all of this information as part of its assessment in order to develop its Federal Review Panel Report for the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project.

For more information on the federal environmental assessment process and to read the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Environmental Impact Statement, visit the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency website (registry reference number 80054). Printed copies of the documents are available for reference at the following locations:

  • Port of Vancouver Delta Community Office (5225A Ladner Trunk Rd, Delta)
  • Ladner Pioneer Library (4683 51 St, Delta)
  • George Mackie Library (8440 112 St, Delta)
  • Tsawwassen Library (1321 56 Street, Delta)

For more information regarding the provincial environmental assessment process, visit the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office website.

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