The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project underwent a federal environmental assessment, beginning in 2013. In 2016, an independent review panel was appointed by the minister of environment and climate change to lead the assessment, under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. During the environmental assessment, we conducted four rounds of public engagement, consulted with Indigenous groups, and participated in meetings with regulators, government, stakeholders.

The review phase of the environmental assessment concluded in August 2019 with the closing of the public record following a six-week public hearing. The independent review panel evaluated what they heard and the information received throughout the environmental assessment process to develop its Federal Review Panel Report. This was submitted to the minister of environment and climate change in March 2020.

In August 2020, the government requested we provide further information, through an information request. As a result, the federal timeline for decision-making was paused, and will resume once the information provided satisfies the request.

After more than a year of additional technical work, consultation with 46 Indigenous groups, and engagement with federal agencies, we recently submitted our response to the information request. The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) is holding a public comment period to seek feedback from the public, Indigenous groups, regulators, and other stakeholders on our response and the draft conditions (requirements that the port authority must comply with should the project proceed). We are hopeful that a decision on the project can be made as quickly as possible to make sure the project is built in time to support Canadian importers and exporters who rely on the Port of Vancouver to get their goods to and from foreign markets

The project requires additional regulatory permits and authorizations and a final investment decision from the port authority before it can proceed. Work to obtain regulatory permits on authorizations is ongoing and taking place in parallel with the environmental assessment process.

As part of the environmental assessment, we conducted a series of reports and studies to better understand existing conditions at Roberts Bank. Additionally, technical advisory groups were established to gather expert advice on the Roberts Bank ecosystem. Details on these, as well as the environmental impact statement, can be found below.

Environmental assessment timeline

Technical data reports

Technical advisory groups

Environmental assessment documents

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