Federal and provincial environmental assessment  

A federal environmental assessment is a process led by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) to identify, predict and evaluate the potential environmental effects of a proposed project. This process happens before the federal government makes a decision about a proposed project. Environmental assessments consider environmental effects and their significance, proposed mitigation measures, alternative means of carrying out a project, and any other relevant matter.

The federal environmental assessment process for Roberts Bank Terminal 2 started in 2013, under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. In April 2023, the federal government issued a positive decision statement for Roberts Bank Terminal 2, concluding this rigorous 10-year assessment.

A provincial environmental assessment of the project has been ongoing in parallel with the federal environmental assessment since November 2014. In spring 2023, the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office held a public comment period on their draft assessment materials. Should the provincial ministers decide that the project should proceed, they will issue an environmental assessment certificate and attach any conditions they consider necessary, under the Environmental Assessment Act (2002).

Environmental assessment timeline

Environmental assessment documents

Additional permits and approvals

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