The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority began a comprehensive engagement process about the project in 2011, early in project development and prior to the initiation of the environmental assessment process. We conducted four rounds of public engagement, and have participated in hundreds of project-related meetings and workshops with regulators, Indigenous groups, government, stakeholders, and the general public. The feedback we have received has served to enhance the project design and inform our mitigation measures, including additional offsetting measures that have been identified through Indigenous consultation, such as the Tilbury Enhancement Project and the removal of the intermediate transfer pit from the project design.

Below is a high-level overview of our consultation and engagement to date.



  • First round of public consultation: Pre-consultation (June 2011)
  • Ongoing consultation with Indigenous groups
  • Local government outreach and engagement








2015 to Present

  • Ongoing consultation with Indigenous groups
  • Local government outreach and engagement
  • Ongoing engagement with the Delta community through the Delta Community Office
  • To develop our response to the federal government’s August 2020 information request, we conducted more than a year of additional technical work, consultation with 46 Indigenous groups, and engagement with federal agencies. We incorporated contributions from over 50 experts, conducted over 200 one-on-one meetings with Indigenous groups, and organized 16 multi-group workshops to consult on our response.


Indigenous consultation

Engaging the public

Working with local governments

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