Meaningful consultation with First Nations

We are collaborating with First Nations around the project, who are shared stewards of the lands and waters intersecting the asserted and established traditional territories and treaty lands of the Coast Salish First Nations. Since project planning began in 2011, we have consulted with nearly 50 First Nations. This began early in project development to inform the design of an environmentally responsible project that reflects First Nations perspectives, interests, priorities, and knowledge.

Ongoing consultation: As Roberts Bank Terminal 2 moves into its next phases, First Nations will be involved in environmental monitoring and compliance during construction, as well as operation. They will participate in design, development and implementation of mitigation measures, environmental management plans, follow-up program and monitoring. In addition, to ensure First Nations perspectives are recognized at all levels of the project, cultural awareness training will be provided to workers on the project.

Shared project benefits: Mutual benefit agreements have been signed with 26 First Nations, meaning these Nations have provided consent for the project, and will share in its benefits and opportunities. First Nations will also have training and employment opportunities before and during construction and operation, as well as special contracting and procurement opportunities. A $5.5 million Indigenous Legacy Benefit Fund will provide additional opportunities to First Nation communities.

A site visit with Indigenous groups in summer 2022 to explore potential opportunities for a biofilm habitat creation project.

Ongoing engagement

We’ve engaged and consulted with regulators, First Nations, government, industry, stakeholders, and the public through hundreds of meetings and workshops for over a decade, and we will continue to provide updates to the community as we advance the project.

The feedback we received through this process has enhanced the project design and informed our mitigation measures. All the information submitted during the environmental assessment process is available on the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada’s public registry for the project.

Local government and communities continue to play an important role in shaping the project. Since project planning began, we’ve engaged with municipal staff and elected representatives through regular meetings and presentations. Dialogue and collaboration have been key to developing mitigations and community benefits, while also addressing concerns. We continue to work with Tsawwassen First Nation, the City of Delta, the City of Richmond, the City of Surrey, the Township of Langley, and the City of Langley.

Another way we connect with the community in Delta is through our Port Community Liaison Committee, which brings together community representatives, First Nations, business, industry, and the port authority to discuss port-related matters including Roberts Bank Terminal 2​.

Community investment program

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project community investment program will provide $6 million to Delta organizations and students, through a community fund, community grants, and an education fund. $500,000 will be released in the lead up to construction, with the remaining $5.5 million released during construction. Learn more about the details of the program.

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