Protecting the environment
Economic opportunities

Roberts Bank Terminal 2 is a future marine container terminal on Canada’s west coast, led by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. Once built, the terminal will increase container terminal capacity by more than 30% on Canada’s west coast, strengthen reliable access to goods Canadians use every day, and play a key role in supporting Canadian exporters who increasingly want to trade with economies around the world.

About the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is the federal agency responsible for the stewardship of federal port lands in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.

Project status

There are still several key steps we need to complete before construction can begin.

Project approval

Roberts Bank Terminal 2 has received approval from the Government of Canada.

Community legacy benefits

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project community investment program will provide $6 million to Delta organizations and students.

Consultation and engagement

Learn more about our comprehensive engagement process.

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