Connecting Canada to the world

In 2017, the Port of Vancouver handled 3.25 million-TEU containers at its four container terminals, representing an estimated 51 per cent of Canada’s off shore container trade.

The Port of Vancouver provides Canada with the ability to export and import goods in shipping containers to and from many trading economies worldwide, the largest of which are China, Japan and Korea.

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project would play an important role in being ready to support Canadian businesses shipping goods to and from markets, and ensuring we can keep Canada open and competitive for trade with growing economies around the world into the future.

There has been stable growth in demand for trade in containers on Canada’s west coast over the past two decades, averaging 10 per cent per year since 1995.

Container traffic to and from the West Coast is growing

A series of independent, expert third-party container traffic forecasts conclude that container traffic to and from the West Coast is expected to continue to grow well into the future.

Additional capacity for container trade be needed as early as the mid-2020s.

Without the ability to move goods efficiently and reliably through West Coast ports, shippers will search for the next best alternative, with consequences to Canada’s economic progress.

Consultation and engagement is ongoing

As part of its consultation and engagement program, the port authority participated in over 440 meetings with regulators, Aboriginal groups, local government stakeholders and the public. Input received during the engagement and consultation activities has been considered in the development of the project. The port authority is continuing engagement and consultation throughout the panel review phase and, should the project proceed, into the construction and operation
phases. The port authority is also negotiating mutual benefit agreements with Aboriginal groups.

Sharing and improving environmental research

Building on decades of already available environmental study of Roberts Bank, the port authority commenced in 2011 a program that included over 77 individual studies, resulting in over 35,000 hours of fieldwork by over 100 professional scientists.

Ongoing environmental work

Since the submission of the environmental impact statement in March 2015, the port authority has conducted additional studies based on feedback and engagement with Aboriginal groups, local communities, environmental groups and government agencies, and we have submitted over 3,000 pages of additional information to the independent federal review panel.

For more information

Read the full Project Rationale document.