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Who would build and operate Roberts Bank Terminal 2

May 9th, 2019 8:26 pm

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is proposing the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project. We are the landlord of all the federal property that makes up the Port of Vancouver.

Our role is to take the project through the federal environmental review process, and then, if approved, contract companies and others to design, build, and maintain the terminal land base and related infrastructure. The building selection process would begin closer to the completion of the federal environmental assessment.

As with all container terminals at the Port of Vancouver, the port authority would not operate the terminal, but instead could contract with a third-party terminal operator who would become a tenant of the port authority.

The terminal operator would decide how the terminal operates. This includes what types of equipment would be used, terminal facilities, and ongoing container-handling operations. It would also employ the on-terminal workers.

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