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Ongoing feedback and input to create a better project

May 9th, 2019 8:33 pm

Building a new marine terminal requires a lot of discussion with members of the community, Indigenous groups, industry, and local, provincial and federal governments.

That’s why the port authority began formally consulting on the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project in 2011, early in project development and prior to the initiation of the federal environmental assessment process.

We started by asking how participants wanted to be consulted and what topics they thought should be addressed.

As a result, we consulted on many topics involving project design, environmental studies, potential project effects, and draft environmental mitigation concepts.

Input received during consultation was considered, along with technical and economic information, to plan and design the project, and develop and conduct the environmental research. The consultation also influenced the submission we made to the federal review panel, including proposed mitigation measures and follow-up programs.

For example, we heard from members of the public that we needed to do more to ensure that western sandpipers were not affected by the proposed project. As a result, we are building in deep water away from their food source—known as biofilm—and are monitoring the availability of their food and ensuring they have the required nutrients available for their journeys.

Throughout the environmental assessment process, we are committed to listening to your thoughts on the project and taking action where technically and economically feasible and sound. Reach out to us at or call us 604.665.9337.

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