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Critical to Canada’s economy, the RBT2 Project is needed to support trade growth

November 6, 2018 11:52 pm

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project has recently submitted an updated Project Rationale and Overview document to the independent review panel for inclusion in the environmental assessment for the project.

Key highlights:

  • Container traffic on Canada’s west coast is growing. Independent forecasts, conducted by an expert third party, conclude that container traffic on the west coast is expected to grow significantly into the future.
  • We’ve studied how to address the capacity shortfall since the late 1990s. To address the shortfall in the short-term, the port authority has increased container capacity through expansions at existing facilities and has funded improvements to road and rail to increase efficiency throughout the gateway.
  • Planned improvements won’t be enough. Through ongoing studies, we’ve learned that even with significant advancements to increase capacity at existing terminals, work underway at the Port of Prince Rupert to increase container capacity, and continued efforts to create efficiencies throughout the supply chain there won’t be enough capacity to manage Canada’s future trade demand on the West Coast.
  • The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is needed to address Canada’s future trade. The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project represents the best option to accommodate growth and is needed to deliver the capacity we need as demand for goods shipped in containers continue to grow. If the project does not proceed, Canada will face a capacity crunch, which will have far-reaching economic implications.

We spent several years assessing various locations for the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project, developing the preliminary project design, and commissioning independent environmental studies and continue to consult with the public and Indigenous groups on the project. As a result, we are confident that the project can be built without significant adverse environmental effect.

We invite you to review the project’s recently updated Project Rationale to learn more about how the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is the only solution on the West Coast to meet Canada’s trade ambitions.

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