The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has filed an environmental impact statement for the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency in March 2015.

The statement summarizes the results of 77 studies undertaken over four years, with contributions from more than 100 professional scientists and more than 35,000 hours of field work. This work informed the port authority’s assessment of potential environmental, economic, social, heritage and health effects of the project, including cumulative effects.

The environmental impact statement includes proposed mitigation measures to reduce, avoid or offset potential effects and describes the monitoring and follow-up program that would be undertaken to ensure mitigation measures are effective.

Extensive technical and environmental studies were conducted to complement a wealth of previously available scientific information, and consultation was undertaken with regulators, Indigenous groups, local government and the public. Input received was considered and incorporated, along with technical and financial information, in the planning and development of the project, in the assessment of potential effects and in the development of mitigation measures.

In response to updated Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines provided by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency in April 2015, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority submitted the marine shipping addendum, which assesses the potential effects resulting from marine shipping outside the port authority’s jurisdiction associated with the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project and within Canada’s territorial sea.

The environmental impact statement and the marine shipping assessment conclude that the project should be approved to proceed, given that it is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects, and given the benefits of the project to Canada and British Columbia.

To read the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project Environmental Impact Statement and the Marine Shipping Supplemental Report, visit the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency website (registry reference number 80054).

Printed copies of the documents are available for reference at the following locations:

80 Responses to Environmental Impact Statement

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