The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority recognizes the importance of appropriately and effectively engaging with the various Aboriginal groups that have asserted or established Aboriginal and treaty rights and related interests that may be affected by the Project. The Project is adjacent to the Tsawwassen First Nation community.

The port authority commenced Project-related engagement with numerous Aboriginal groups in 2011, which culminated in rounds of Environmental Impact Statement-specific workshops in 2014.

The port authority has also consulted with Aboriginal groups regarding Project components and activities, the potential effects of the Project, a selection of valued components, proposed mitigation, and potential changes to the environment related to the Project. Through the course of the consultation process, Aboriginal groups have identified interests and raised issues that the port authority has subsequently considered.

The port authority received input from Aboriginal groups throughout the development of the Marine Shipping Supplemental Report, which assesses project-related shipping outside of the port authority’s jurisdiction and within Canada’s territorial sea. This report documents the feedback of over 20 Aboriginal groups, and can be found on the Canadian Environmental Agency website.

Should the Project proceed to construction and operation, the port authority intends to continue engagement and consultation activities with Aboriginal groups.

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