The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority was established by the Government of Canada pursuant to the Canada Marine Act, and is accountable to the federal Minister of Transport. The port authority is a non-shareholder, financially self-sufficient corporation.

The Port of Vancouver is Canada’s largest and busiest port, a dynamic gateway for domestic and international trade and tourism, and a major economic force that strengthens the Canadian economy.

As the most diversified port in North America, the Port of Vancouver operates across five business sectors: automobiles, breakbulk, bulk, container and cruise. The port facilitates trade with more than 160 world economies, and handled 142 million tonnes of cargo in 2017. Almost 95 per cent of the port’s total volume serves Canadian import and export markets.

Including indirect and induced effects, in round numbers, the total impacts of ongoing operations at businesses related to the Port of Vancouver across Canada are:

  • 115,300 jobs
  • $11.8 billion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • $24.2 billion in economic output
  • $7 billion in wages
  • $67,900 average wage for direct jobs vs. $44,000 average wage in Canada
  • $1.4 billion per year in tax revenues

For more information, please visit the Port of Vancouver website.

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