As a Canada Port Authority, our mandate under the Canada Marine Act requires us to protect the environment and consider local communities. Our obligation is to Canada, not shareholders seeking only an economic return.

In planning to meet demand, the port authority explored a number of opportunities to increase container capacity. Since 2003, we have:

  • Increased the size and efficiency of existing container terminals.
  • Improved road and rail connections, to handle more containers.
  • Explored whether other port terminals could be converted to handle containers.
  • Examined the possibility of building a new terminal.

Since 2005, we have led improvements to the Port of Vancouver’s existing container terminals, including Vanterm and Centerm in Vancouver’s inner harbour, and Deltaport at Roberts Bank in Delta.

  • Completion of the Deltaport Third Berth expansion in 2010 added 600,000 TEUs.
  • As part of the Deltaport Terminal, Road and Rail Improvement Project, the port authority, along with Global Container Terminals Canada and the Province of British Columbia will complete improvements in and around Deltaport in 2018 that will create an additional 600,000 TEUs of capacity.
  • Working with DP World, the port authority is proceeding with the Centerm Expansion Project, which will expand Centerm’s physical footprint and increase the capacity of the terminal by 600,000 TEUs to 1.5 million TEUs. Centerm should be complete and operational in 2022.
  • Future terminal improvements at Vanterm could generate 200,000 to 300,000 TEUs of capacity.

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