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  • Independent Review Panel Announced

    The Minister of Environment and Climate Change has announced the appointment of the Review Panel for the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project. The Review Panel will conduct a technical review of the Environmental Impact Statement, as well as provide opportunities for public comment.

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  • Environmental Impact Statement

    Port Metro Vancouver has filed an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office.

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  • Marine Shipping Supplemental Report

    The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project Marine Shipping Supplemental Report was completed by Port Metro Vancouver in response to the updated EIS Guidelines provided by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

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  • Meeting Canada's Trade Demand: Project Rationale

    This document summarizes the work undertaken by Port Metro Vancouver to examine options to meet increased demand for goods shipped in containers and the rationale for developing the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project.

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